Top 5 Iphone Apps for Football Season

September 8, 2011 by  
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1.ESPN Scorecenter
My favorite feature is the push notifications you can customize by putting in your favorite teams.  Never miss a kickoff again the duh duh duh ringer will remind you of kickoff and give you end of quarter scores and stats.  There is also a running ESPN sports ticker at the bottom of the screen just like on tv.

2.Sports Venue Finder
So, you’re friend from work has a cousin who has 2 tickets to the game this weekend, but you don’t know where they are and of course they tell you they are good seats.  Sports Venue Finder App to the rescue.  Just punch in your venue and it will show you a detailed map of the stadium.

3.NFL 11

NFL 11 is the official app for the 2011 NFL season.  Search for league news or team news on your favorite team.  It also has a full schedule for each team.

4.Yahoo Fantasy Football
No football season is as fun without a fantasy football league.  Track and manage your league with the yahoo fantasy football app.  If you’re in a different league then do a quick check in the itunes store there may be an app for your league too.

5.Superbowl Winners
Who won the Super Bowl again the year before last?  Hmm?  Dang it I can’t remember either.  Here’s where this app comes in handy.  It gives you a complete list of all Super Bowl winners.  I’d like to see a little bit more info here though like scores, stats, etc.  Maybe that’s what the paid version is for though.  The chronological list of winners is pretty cool though.