How Online Reviews Affect Your Local SEO

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Online reviews can make or break a small business.  Did you know that 50% of US consumers are more likely to use a local business after reading positive reviews?  50% that is 1/2 of all people.  That sounds pretty important to me.  64% of consumers go online searching for reviews before choosing to make important decisions like which local doctor, chiropractor, or dentist to go to.  80% of consumers have admitted to changing their mind about which service to use based upon negative reviews.  I know I always check for reviews when I’m about to make an important decision.  Yelp is one of the most popular review services and I use it for checking out where to eat when I’m out of town.  If reviews are bad I’m eating somewhere else.  If multiple reviews say try the steak that’s probably what I’m getting.  Follow me on yelp at to see my reviews.  Google dominates the search engine traffic and I use google reviews to check up on what local services to use.  Check out the infographic below for more useful information about online reviews.




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YouTube is trying to join you in your living room.  Just like Netflix and Apple, Google is working towards developing “channels” for YouTube so that all videos posted will be organized by categories and they will also include original programs that have been professionally produced.  Google has obviously realized that they have been missing out on a whole new market that they could be selling their ads to and want to find a way to capitalize on it.  Netflix and Apple have been enjoying this market all by themselves and now it looks like Google wants a piece of the pie.  It has also been reported that Google is going to start a movie rental service, but Fox, Disney, and Paramount refused to sign on claiming that YouTube supports pirated content and they would have no part in contributing to a service that hosts it.  Although, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., and Universal Studios are on board, so they must believe Google’s new venture has some potential.

What is Google Wave?

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So, most of my friends and family think I am the tech geek.  I heard about google wave a few weeks ago and thought that sounds cool.  I’ll have to look into that.  So, it’s been over 2 weeks now and I know someone is going to be asking me what is this google wave thing so I thought I better get up to par.  After all I’d hate to blow my rep.

Upon first view it looks like just another IM client and I’ve already got Yahoo, and Google Talk, and Skype, and Facebook, and then, and then.  No more and then.  That’s enough!  Then I stumbled upon this guys video.  I like his analogy.  He says Google Wave is what email would look like if it was developed today.  Watch this video for a better idea of what Google Wave has to offer.

There you have it.  Now, you better start asking for that invite.